Charlotte Francis co-wrote and provided vocals for the Spring, Summer and Autumn EPs as well as Lost Winter’s debut album, Long Distance Journeys. Check out Charlotte's amazing band Rhythm Aire at:

Bass Guitar

Richard Flynn played bass guitar on the Spring, Summer and Autumn EPs.


Ben Mounsey at BS Design produced the amazing graphic design on all of Lost Winter's EPs. Follow Ben on Twitter at


Katherine Westwood has provided a beautiful photograph (taken in Perth, Australia), for the Summer EP. Follow Katherine at

Drum Loops

Pete Bush of Glass Harbours wrote the drum loops for Lonely Traveller on the Autumn EP. Follow Glass Harbours at:

Atlas Steppes

Atlas Steppes were formed in response to an invitation to take part in 100 Creative Responses, an arts project organised by Andrew Steingold. One hundred people received a vinyl record containing music by Andrew Steingold entitled ‘Three Ambient Guitar Recordings’. They were asked to respond with something creative.

These 100 creative responses were published online at

Atlas Steppes are:

Richard Westwood: lead & rhythm guitar, synth, bass guitar
James Whipp: rhythm & lead guitar
Pete Bush: drums
Ricky Comiskey: programming, electric lap steel guitar and coffee

Recorded, produced and engineered by Ricky Comiskey at Hoff studios, Huddersfield Dec 2012-March 2013

Crazy Far: